[Bestbits] [IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT]: Closure of Bestbits

Sheetal Kumar sheetal at gp-digital.org
Fri Aug 16 13:58:13 EDT 2019

 Dear all,

Following a discussion on this list, which was initiated following the
global IGF in Paris last year (2018) the Bestbits mailing list will cease
to exist on *31 August.* The decision regarding the date was made on a call
on 06 August: https://etherpad.wikimedia.org/p/Bestbitscallfuture. Bestbits
material, all currently hosted on a dedicated website,
<https://bestbits.net/about/> will not be deleted. Instead, the plan is to
host the material on the IGC website, along with an explanation of the
history of Bestbits and its relationship to IGC. From 01 September onwards,
if you email "bestbits at bestbits.lists.net" you will receive an automatic
response notifying you of the closure of the list and the archiving of the

Due to the history of Bestbits and IGC, with many members of Bestbits
already members of IGC and vice-versa, we suggest that those interested in
continuing to discuss topics relevant to civil society coordination and
internet policy and governance join IGC. Further information on joining IGC
is available here:  https://igcaucus.org/membership/

Apart from this message, in order to ensure maximum transparency and the
clearest communication possible, we will personally follow up with every
person subscribed to Bestbits, including previous steering committee
members, to ensure everyone is informed of the closure date. Therefore,
please expect another email, directly addressed to you with this same
information. Following the closure date, the list of subscribers to
Bestbits will be permanently deleted, in line with data protection best

Should you have any questions or comments on this process, please let us

On behalf of the "Bestbits Closure Team"
Sheetal, Imran, Deirdre, Farzaneh and Bruna


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