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On November 6, 2018 at 11:08 parminder at itforchange.net (parminder) wrote:
 > Well, if SWIFT system had been under a appropriate and legitimate multilateral/
 > UN system, this atrocity would have been avoided.  But why should people  here
 > protest, they aren't from Iran . But you all that famous saying, 'First they
 > came for the...... '
 > parminder

There's something startling about referring to a phrase from Niemoller
which is generally associated with the Nazi's extermination of Jews in
defense of Iran's govt which has an enormous amount of Jewish blood on
its hands and wears it proudly. And oceans of Arab blood for that
matter (they do materially support Assad in Syria.)

I know, key in the usual nihilistic blather because I suppose one can
always defend any murderous regime by merely making reference to some
other govt one has criticisms of and declaring it all to be in some
sort of sociopathic balance so "fair".

Mere financial sanctions against Iran is indicative of a very civil
and civilized treatment of that govt's decades of projected
ruthlessness responsible for the destruction and dissipation of
millions of lives not least of which the Iranian people.

        -Barry Shein

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