[bestbits] Call for Nominations for civil representatives - CSTD WG on Enhanced Cooperation

Nadira Alaraj nadira.araj at gmail.com
Wed Feb 24 12:02:34 EST 2016

​Dear Best Bits members,

The outcome document of the United Nations General Assembly’s ten-year
review of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in 2015
included a direction for the Chair of the Commission on Science and
Technology for Development (CSTD) to "*establish a working group to develop
recommendations on how to further implement enhanced cooperation as
envisioned in the Tunis Agenda*” . This will continue work done by an
earlier CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation, that was active from
2013-2014, and current CSTD Chair, Peter Major of Hungary, has indicated
he will establish the new working group in a similar fashion, with 20 UN
Member States and *5 representatives from each of the four identified
stakeholder groups* (business, civil society, intergovernmental
organizations, the technical & academic community).  While the exact time
frame for the working group has not been established, nominees are asked to
consider  a service period of 2016-2017 (and eventually the beginning of

Hence, I call upon those who are interested to come forward and nominate
themselves through this list *by** March 12th,* after that I will generate
a candidate list with the Bios to be presented in one email  the community
for *3 days endorsement period*.  Based on the endorsement period I will
generate a short listing to be submitted to the NomCom of the Civil Society
Coordination Group by the end of  *March 15th*.

Details of the UNCATAD call: available here
Please, feel free to share this call with any Independent Civil Society
experts (i.e. those who are not nominated by a civil society network or
other community) who are welcome to send self-nominations directly to the
CSCG NomCom (email address: noncom06 at internetgov-cs.org).

Nominations should include a

   -  short bio of one paragraph,
   -  one paragraph of motivation to be a civil society representative to
   CSTD Working Group on Enhanced Cooperation,
   - one paragraph describing substantive proposals or a vision on “how to
   further implement enhanced cooperation as envisioned in the Tunis Agenda”,
   - one paragraph describing experience or qualifications to represent
   civil society on the  CSTD Working Group.
   - Name, gender, regional/geographical, as well as any appropriate
   affiliation information and contact information should be included as well.

Proficiency in English is necessary for communications within the Working

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Nadira Alaraj

​Liaise of BestBits nominees to the CSCG
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