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Dear Best Bits,

Today the Alliance for affordable Internet launched its report, with
alarming data of the pace and increased gaps when connecting to the
Internet. On the good side, Latin America is leading in policies and
practices. On the bad side, for the issues we work on, we could see the
parallel of increased connectivity AND increased censorship and
surveillance.  It is a good starting point for conversations, locally, on
how to increase access with human rights approach.

I hope you find this useful

Key findings,

●      *Poverty and income inequality are masking the true state of
Internet affordability. *While 25 of the 51 countries surveyed have met the
current target for “affordable Internet” — 500MB of mobile data priced
below 5% of average national income — not a single country analysed met the
target for those living in poverty ($3.10 or less a day), while just nine
countries met the target for the bottom 20% of income earners.

●      *The high cost to connect continues to exclude billions from the
digital revolution.* The global goal to provide affordable, universal
Internet access focuses specifically on connecting people across the
world’s least developed countries, yet 70% of people in these countries
cannot afford a basic, 500MB per month broadband plan.

●      *The affordability “sweet spot” is broadband priced at 2% or less of
average monthly income, meaning it is time to commit to a more ambitious “1
for 2” affordability target. *When a basic broadband package is priced at
this level, access becomes affordable for all levels of income earners. The
report proposes a new affordability target: 1GB of mobile broadband priced
at 2% or less of average monthly income (“1 for 2”). Driving prices down to
the 2% average level will enable large swathes of the population currently
priced out of access to get online, while increasing the data allowance to
1GB will allow users to make more meaningful use of the Internet.

●      *Bold steps are needed to accelerate connectivity among women, the
poor, and other marginalised populations. *Overcoming the challenges to
access posed by income and gender inequalities will require policies
designed with these populations in mind. Market forces cannot connect
everyone — free or subsidised public access in tandem with digital
education will be critical to enabling connectivity for populations left

*Snapshot of the 2015-16 Affordability Drivers Index (ADI) rankings:*

*Top 5: Overall ADI Rankings*

*Top 5: Least Developed Countries*

Colombia (1)

Rwanda (11)

Costa Rica (2)

Uganda (16)

Malaysia (3)

The Gambia (20)

Turkey (4)

Myanmar (27)

Peru (5)

Tanzania (30)

The 2015-16 edition of the Affordability Report is available at
a4ai.org/affordability-report, along with all supporting data and an
interactive data explorer.

Renata Avila

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