[bestbits] Announcing: Pakistan Country IGF

Sadaf Khan sadaf.baig03 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 05:51:20 EST 2016

Dear All,

We are very happy to announce that we are planning to initiate *Pakistan
Country Internet Governance Forum* this year. We hope to organize first
yearly event in September 2016.

Several civil society organizations including Media Matters for Democracy,
Bytes for All, Pakistan and Internet Policy Observatory of Pakistan (IPOP)
and other relevant stakeholders are collaborating for this purpose. PakIGF
is going to be a collaborative multi-stakeholder effort. While we already
have ICANN onboard, we are reaching out to several international
organizations, local universities, government authorities and other
institutions seeking collaborations and support to organize Pakistan
Country IGF. A Multi-stakehodler Advisory Group (MAG) will be announced by
the end of March 2016. The event website will soon be live on www.pakigf.pk.

We will be keeping everyone in the loop and welcome ideas and feedback from
other organisations who have arranged national IGFs in other countries to
make sure that we can arrange an event that successfully enriches the
internet governance policy debates in Pakistan.

With Regards,

*Sadaf Khan*

*Director Programs*

*Media Matters for Democracy *

mediamatters.pk | mediamatterspakistan.org|@mmfd_pak
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