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The Frontiers of Cybersecurity Policy and Law


Over the course of two days in February 2016, the Strauss Center at the
University of Texas-Austin hosted a unique and timely conference focused on
the legal and policy dimensions of cybersecurity.

We are proud to have partnered with Christian Science Monitor's Passcode
<http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Passcode> as our media partner for this
event, with the American Journal of Criminal Law <http://ajclonline.org/> for
our February 5th sessions, and with the American Bar Association Standing
Committee on Law and National Security
our partner for the teacher-training workshop component on February 6th.

The conference began on February 5th with a two-day symposium bringing
together technologists, government officials, privacy advocates, and
scholars to discuss four cutting-edge topics: the aftermath of the “going
dark” debate; the evolving regulatory environment for the rapidly-growing
security-research sector--including but not limited to export controls; the
prospects for private entities to engage in “active defense” of their
networks--including but not limited to “hackback”; and botnet takedowns.

The conference then continued on February 6th with a unique
faculty-training workshop co-sponsored by the American Bar Association.
Each year the ABA’s Standing Committee on Law and National Security
a training workshop focused on a particular topic relating to national
security. This year’s event focused on cybersecurity law and policy, with
sessions addressing, among other things, relevant aspects of federal
criminal law, investigative and intelligence law, regulatory law, and
international law.

Photos of this event can be accessed here

Videos are available here


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