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From: Bill Stewart <wstewart at cirruscomputing.com>
Date: Thu, Feb 4, 2016 at 7:53 PM
Subject: EnterpriseLibre - can u help?
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Hi Nnenna, at Richard Stallman's request (the free software prophet :-)
Cirrus Open has been renamed to "EnterpriseLibre".  It replaces all
proprietary software, and helps organizations without any technical
support, or IT other than an Internet connection, use any free software
anywhere.  We need help getting it known to organizations that could use
it, and those that could host and sell it themselves.  Any help you can
provide would be greatly appreciated.

Three pics attached explain the innovation:

   1.  The first is the solution itself.  All the software anyone needs to
run an organization.  What makes it hostable is the virtual desktop
component.  That makes a solution, better than most onsite, available to
anyone in the world, on any kind of computer.

   2.  The second innovation is the point-and-click manager, described in
the second pic.  Up to now, even for the best onsite solution, there has
not been a way to add a new user with one click, and have all configuration
including virtual desktops, email, and applications setup automatically.
Now anyone can manage an entire enterprise from a GUI.

   3.  The third innovation is captured in the third pic: software that
automates build of new enterprises.  This means you can create as many as
you want with a click.  The computers do all the work.

This is the only open source competitor to Microsoft 365 and Google.  It
can really help organizations, and help make free software mainstream.  I
know you are very busy.  Can you spare a bit of time to help spread the

Please don't hesitate to let me know any questions at all.  More info here:

Best regards,

William (Bill) Stewart, Ph.D.
CEO Cirrus Computing
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